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Standby for system upgrades!

Ok Team PG have been beavering away on a stack of major system wide upgrades some of which include:

We have listened to your requests, we have read your support tickets and we have been burning the midnight oil on what is probably one of the largest system updates since pressglue went live back in August 2011.

  • Larger, faster image storage functions
  • Better thumb nailing tools
    (meaning that it will be easier and to crop article images making it quicker and easier than ever to add articles!)
  • Banner fixes
  • Quicker sticky-word for improved advert controls
    (both of these items means greater advert control on your sites)
  • Improved SEO functions
  • Gallery improvements
  • Upgraded image compression.
  • Quicker edit tools article views.

This is just a small list of the updates that we are pushing through this weekend. we have at least another thirty major back end updates that will also go through that will generally enhance the overall experience for site owners and pressglue site readers.

So, this will mean that as of 9pm to  12am today (Sunday 15th July) users sites will be in accessible from both the admin control panel and the front end whilst we cram in these system wide updates. Also... next week will see the hotly requested "Unpublish button" undergo development / testing and should also go live next weekend..!

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