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Dear Richard,

Can you help me deliver better broadband for business and grow our tech industry from within because...

I have all but given up on BT providing any kind of high-speed business service to my hometown of Knutsford. Although their large green boxes clearly state, "Fibre broadband is here" it is a statement that isn't quite true.

In my honest opinion and from the comments I have received, local tech start-ups and businesses are literally being starved out of achieving more because of dreadful Internet connections and woeful speeds.

Knutsford is just one example of how we are all being left in the digital dark and under connected when we really want to grow and engage more with the rest of the digital north and beyond.

I want to change this but I need your help Richard. We all need your help.

I am willing to lobby, petition, sign up what ever it takes to get better broadband for Knutsford and its businesses. I have a belief that with your help and commitment, Knutsford could be the first silicon town in the UK.

Just think, it will help transform empty office space into digital creative centres, the town would pulsate with the power of awesome connectedness and truly skyrocket local tech growth.

All of this under the banner of Virgin Media's cable broadband driven by the awesome force of a local digital revolution!

So lets DO this! Lets make a difference. My hand is up in the air and I'm ready to get rolling.

Warmest Regards
Jonathan Farber
A local tech start up founder

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