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Duchy Originals: Organic Mince Pies

So here it is, day one of the great Pressglue Christmas 2012 mince Pie audit.

The first one out of the starting block are the well renowned Duchy Originals Organic Mince pies with cranberry.

Like all Duchy produce, they are beautifully packaged and well presented. Although the box was difficult to open, once freed the six tasty pockets looked rather good, they were firm and held together then removing them from the pie casing.

And sadly for us that is kind of where the positives end. There are a number of things that we look for here in a pie, roadside appeal, pastry quality, structural integrity, filling density and of course, flavour.

Visually, they looked great, well baked and pretty appealing, however the pastry its self was oddly crunchy and took some chewing to break it down, I mean I was actually reaching for the tea for a liquid assist!

Next up was the filling, once I had moved the mouthful of sugary MDF on I was greeted with an empty cavern. This explained why it had been so hard to break the pastry down during the initial chewing process.

Now, in the interests of fairness, the flavour was really rather good, juicy and fully of Christmas goodness. Although I will admit, I was forced to rip the lid off the thing do avoid a pastry O.D.

In all honesty we were disappointed with Duchy Originals, I expected more bang for my buck and at £3.99 for six pack pack they are not great value for money. Sorry Charles.

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