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Hestons best (kinda gives it away really)

Is it a pie? Is is a cinnamon bun? Is is ginger bread? We don't know, but its good... Oooo it's good

We have sampled a serious volume of pies recently and I can safely say that this one from Heston B is outstanding! Granted its more of a cake than a pie but OMG...

Just like the Duchy O's we had to hack into the box to set the tasty treats free. The first thing that hits you is the smell the very essence of Christmas fills the nostrils as the four doily like delights are presented in their edible glory.

Heston has a nack of presenting you with a "make it" challenge, just like last years Pine sugar pies. This is  a nice precursor to the eating experience and this year is no different.

Before shoveling them in, you need to sprinkle the included tangerine sugar on them and please do not be mean,  give them all a good ole dusting because what comes next is quite something.

The gingery, cinnamony case is a little off centre when applying the word pie to this Christmas treat but it works and works REALLY well. The shape is typically Heston-like eg: nothing at all like a mince pie! However it is amazingly moist and is ram packed with flavour, a perfectly balanced case-to-filling ratio.

They are a little squidgy so remember to go for a cupping action of you are a finger and thumb pie eater, it will save the precious thing from collapsing horribly and tumbling to the floor.

There is one thing... it is NOT a session pie. I like the team here enjoy mince pies in batches of two or more but Heston's appear to carry their own atomic mass. I felt the thing land heavy on the internals but... it did leave me wanting more.

Now, where did I put my tea?

Click here to see them on the Waitrose store

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