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Small Box, Nice sound Jambox

Thanks ebuyer... shows that email marketing DOES work, i am not £108 lighter but what a lovely sound! Looks nice too.

We were looking for a conference phone, and you know i just couldnt justify the £600+ for a phone that did... well nothing else other than be a phone. Amazigly an Ebuyer e-shot came into view with this odd shaped box.

Nonsense gadget? NO, We use it! the MBA is a nice machine but OMG those speakers? C'mon apple thow us a jambone.

This little box is pretty amazing, we powered up the all new pressglue video to demo it to a guy at the office with the jambox connected (bluetooth) and awesome!

I have no idea where the bass comes from but it means that those tinny horrid speaker things you can pick up are totally over. It was brilliant with Contre Jour, Pac-man, skype and other apps worked like a dream. fire up a movie on your iphone, stick it in front, connect the jambox and away you go,  mini-cinema sound on your desktop.

When you power it up, the box makes a kind of digital owl sound, i know, odd but that's how it sounds. The freakiest thing is that the bass  drivers in there powerup nicely and it feels like there is something ALIVE in there if you are still holding onto it!

Connecting up takes moments and if you want to save battery power on that phone of yours you can always plug it in to the headphone jack. This does make it pretty attractive as a multi purpose audio device as well as a hands free speaker.

It comes with a 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack, a neat little usb charger plus cable and the oddest case I have seen. The packaging however does NOTHING for ecologists. So much has gone into the design of the packaging that i am left scratching my head a little as to why Jawbone have done that. If Product =(GREAT) then; Stop {with:the} packaging "overload,silliness," ='waste'

Anyhow, if you are looking for conference phone speaker thing, or to beef up the audio on your phone, tablet of laptop, give this a try.

It was the video that did it really...

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