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Awesome Giveaway!

So, we are sat here in the office on a Saturday looking out of the window thinking... Humm....

...How many local charities right here in my home town dont have a decent way to get their awesome news out there... LOTS! After running a few numbers, checking some stats and making a few coffees we have decided to give away some easy to use online awesomeness for free.

Pressglue accounts normally range from between £57 to £395 per year but really I would like to see my town's increadible volunteer force get their amazing news out there... So, we are giving away ten Just Add News accounts for free! No catches, no smoke an mirrors and ZERO cost for 12 months!

If at the end of the year if Just Add News has not been a usefull addition to publicising charity and volunteer work, simply switch it off! No catches no contracts or hooks. Its Easy to use and quick to publish content. Sign up here and apply for your free Just Add News site and remember to drop me a line at with your site name.

Have a Great Day!


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