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Support Awesomeness...

Making the right decision about how you support your existing users tells new users what kind of business you are.

Granted I was early, like two hours early, even after a session in Yo Sushi, filling my face and catching up on some emails, I was still early. Acting like a first year student and turning up at a party hours before the main event isn’t something I do but I was genuinely excited to meet the zendesk teamsters.

It's a nice big space the guys have there, packed with light and energy and with zendesk t-shirted peeps mooching about chatting to users and potential customers, I began to feel that tech-magic vibration that is all consuming! It was the exact reason why we wanted to go there.

Matt Price came over to greet and welcome me into the zendesk EMEA home with a big beaming smile and a warm how do you do. A few moments later I was speaking with their new sales manager Robert Blackler and drilling him on his product knowledge. It wasn't a test, I had just realised that I had confused "Forums" with "Knowledge Base!" This alone would have saved me another £2k in dev fees if I had only taken the time to read the documentation PROPERLY! DOH!

I suppose this is where our zendesk story begins.

It was a massive decision for us to change our own support tool and write off thousands of lines of code for some zendesk magic. There is no doubt that this has proved to be a 100% positive swap saving us hundreds of man hours, time and energy that was then re-channelled into the development of

Oddly, the first wiff of zendesk support success was in a local supermarket back in November 2011 when a school in the Rift Valley near Njoro sent me a ticket about adding images to their pressglue title.

I was stood there looking at the free range eggs and Ping.. my phone goes, I open up my email and see the support call, quick as a flash I knew the answer and replied on the spot with some simple instructions and hit send, picked up my eggs and moved on.

By the time I got to the cashier my phone pinged again, "Thank you Jonathan" was the return ticket. It was right there I realised that we could never have built a support mechanism that powerful, that engaging, that instant.

Granted, we are still evolving as a business, we have our own challenges each day and the development progress is constant but not having to think about maintaining a support system that maintains our support offering is value beyond amazing.

Zendesk is giving us the confidence to focus on the business needs and with our main function being the support of schools news and the ongoing work of charities and their achievements, having an incredible support resource is immeasurable.

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