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Training day at Pressglue HQ with Erica and her husband and a local Pre-School is now a pressglue Champion!

When we say Easy to use we MEAN easy to use. After just a few moments Erica and John were absorbed by the super simple way pressglue helps organisations go live instantly with their news stories.

Egerton Pre-School is a good local example of how a Just Add News account from pressglue can really begin to make a difference. The truth  is these guys are spending over £1500 per year on printing to drive awareness on fundraising, Committee news, parenting advice, events, learning journeys and so on. Pressglue represents not only a financial saving but a dramatic uplift in the way they communicate with parents, teachers and the community.

With their Just Add News account all they need to do is upload their articles and the power of takes over by automatically sending  email newsletters, tweets and facebook updates. . Not only can Erica and the committee reinvest the savings into better facilities but they can now save huge amounts of time but publicly broadcasting their awesome news!

Thank you Erica & John hope the training helps you and lets see Egerton Pre School News soar when it goes live in a few weeks time!

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